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The collective dimension plays a major role in innovation so understanding collaborative processes is essential. Involvement of users, providers and any kind of stakeholders related with the project must be considered and managed.

Working on LAPS. Participatory strategies in managing healthcare
Development of tools and strategies to support health professionals collaborative processes. +

Former research

The years shared with Dra. Bascuñana, and her Sant Pau Hospital’s team, was a great experience. Living the inside part of the hospital gives a perspective of the job that healthcare professionals do, their accountability and knowledge, but mostly their desire and capacity to learn.

[wp] TRHLAB Modelo de Innovación 
Josep Mª Monguet.  Bascuñana, H, Monguet, JMª, Trejo, A, (2012)
TRHLAB is a telemedicine tool to assess and follow patients therapy in rehabilitation. The model is based in recording and sending videos to the therapists for assessment and control. The patient has access to videos that show how to perform the therapies that have been proven beneficial. 2014 Award  +

[cp] [v] eBlood: A Web 2.0 Simulation System for Blood Safety.
Brigos, M., Ferenández, J., Ferruzca, M., Monguet, JMª., Pereira, A., & Valls, C. (2011). The International eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT Forum for Educational, Networking and Business. Luxembourg. ISfTeH.
A system for the innovation in blood transfusion process in hospitals, that allows the comparison between the classical transfusion process and a new process based on RFID. The system allowed the participation of experts to consensus the costs and the levels of errors in the different steps of the process. The project was developed with doctors from Sant Pau and Clinic Hospitals of Barcelona thanks to a grant from the Catalan Health Department. + +p
# Evaluación de la Seguridad del proceso de Transfusión Sanguínea. FICOD 2012.  +v

[cp] The costs of non-training in chronic wounds: estimates through practice simulation 
Gaspar, P., Monguet, JMª, Ojeda, J., Costa, J., & Costa, R. (2009). In Electronic Healthcare. Istanbul: Springer.
Einstein said “if you think education is expensive try ignorance”. To support this simple sentence, the research proposes a model to estimate the costs of “no-learning”, that has been applied to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic wounds. + +p

e-fer[bc] Web-Based Learning Environment for Medical Education: E-Fer, A Practical Tool for Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Wounds
Monguet, JMª, Costa, J., Gaspar, P., & Costa, R. (2010). In Handbook of Research on Developments in E-Health and Telemedicine. IGI Global.
The platform e-fer stores a vast number of virtual cases of chronic wounds. Each case represents a thorough description of professional experiences, lived in a real context.  The trainee try to solve the cases by choosing the best diagnosis and treatment, and then the system calculates the economical cost of the errors of the student. +

[cp] Living Lab Research Landscape 
Alatrsite, Y; Ferruzca, M; Monguet, JMª. (2011) Living Lab Summer School. CITILAB Barcelona. 
This work presents the results of an analysis and categorization of a set of papers about living labs published during the period 2006-2011. +